Do you like meeting new friends? Do you like doing fun things? Do you like helping others? Job's
Daughters is a great place to do all that and more!


Job's Daughters is an organization for young women just like you. We can help you learn
important skills for life, such as leadership, organization, teamwork and self-reliance. We work to
help our community. We honor a rich tradition and heritage that has been a part of Job's

 Daughters since 1920. But most importantly, we want you to have fun doing the things you like
to do.

Throughout the year, Job's Daughters plan and share a lot of fun activities. Arts and crafts,
photography, sewing, and creative writing are just a few of the activities we enjoy. Also, girls
participate in sports including soccer, softball, volleyball, swimming and bowling, and we like to
sing and dance, too! Many of our local groups have competitions with awards and recognition for
outstanding achievement.

You and your new friends in Job's Daughters play an important role in serving the community.
Such as visiting hospitals and homes for the elderly to offer friendship to people who might be
lonely and sad. We have food drives and other activities to provide for the less fortunate.

Our charity, the Hearing Impaired Kid's Endowment (The HIKE Fund), provides hearing assistive
devices for children in need. Our popular "hikes for HIKE," provide a special charitable service to
our community. Our work with hearing-impaired children has led many of our groups, called
Bethels, to learn sign language. We are proud to be "kids helping kids!"