Masonic Heritage

  Job's Daughters International is the ONLY international organization for girls that requires ALL OF ITS
  MEMBERS to have a relationship to a Master Mason, and while it is no part of the Masonic Fraternity,
  this pre-requisite ties it closely to the Masonic Order.
(A daughter of a Majority Member shall also be
  eligible for membership)

  In general, the Book of Job teaches us a Masonic optimistic lesson - Not to fall despair; it shows that
  Masonic ideas are imperishable. We see this exemplified in Job's life. Job saw the growth and
  upbuilding of his home, he also saw its ruin, but again he beheld its revival and reconstruction.

Special emphasis is given to the thoughts that "To Be Fair Is to Do Good" arid "Virtue Is a Quality
This organization is truly International in scope. At present there are Bethels in the United States,
Canada, Australia, the Philippines and Brazil with other countries expressing interest.

The International Order of Job's Daughters is operated In a democratic manner, similar to Masonic

  lodges as well as other Masonic Family organizations. In Bethels, adult co-workers known as the Bethel
Guardian Council (consisting of a Bethel Guardian, Associate Bethel Guardian, and others) supervise
each Bethel and are appointed yearly - with special consideration given to recommendations from the
members of the Bethel.

 The International Order of Job's Daughter's official charity is The HIKE Fund, Inc. (The Hearing
 Impaired Kids Endowment Fund). The purpose of HIKE is to provide hearing devices for Children with
 hearing impairments between the ages of newborn and twenty years whose parents are, unable to
 meet this special need financially, An estimate of 100 children are provided with hearing devices each

The Supreme Guardian Council as well as many State Grand Jurisdictions and other Masonic
Organizations present: college scholarships to deserving young members of the Order. In some cases
(but not always) special consideration is given to scholarships for certain fields of study. In all cases,
the goal is to assist young women in becoming the business, social, and government leaders of